Zadar is a Northern Dalmatian city of amazing beauty and welcoming, romantic atmosphere situated at the very heart of the Adriatic coast. Its 3000 years long history, a long list of culturally important monuments, numerous tourist attractions and services as well as the richness of nightlife, gastronomy and events… the list of reasons why choose Zadar as your perfect summer destination is practically endless.

The three millennia long history of the city began in the early prehistoric times, almost at the dawn of humanity. Illyrian tribes were the first to create the foundations for the city Zadar today is. Ancient Romans made first urban interventions, some of them preserved until the present day. Through the course of history Zadar changed many rulers, met various cultures and civilizations, suffered many wars and devastation; soaking up all the experiences and influences, every time rising stronger and more beautiful from the early medieval times up until the modern times we are living in.

It is easy to follow the footsteps of history through the stone covered narrow streets of Zadar’s old town. The ancient city core is encircled by the medieval city walls, even today protecting the richness of historical heritage. A simple walk through the city streets can feel like a wild ride through the centuries: ancient Forum in the shade of the early medieval church of St. Donatus, the magnificent Cathedral of St. Anastazia or the modern installations at the Zadar’s waterfront (Sea Organ, Greeting to the Sun). It seems like there is a monument behind every corner, anxiously waiting to tell its tale.

Zadar is the place where history and culture are perfectly combined with all the attractions of a modern lifestyle. Immensely rich gastronomic scene includes the highest rated fine dining venues as well as the traditional taverns where you can try some of the praised specialties of the famous Mediterranean cuisine. The diversity of Zadar’s nightlife includes open air festivals and cultural events as well as numerous cocktail bars and nightclub events.

Pleasant Mediterranean climate ensures the longevity of the bathing season and very pleasant conditions for your summer vacation in the Zadar area. Impeccably pure sea surrounding Zadar is refreshing and soothing at the same time. You can choose your refreshment spot from almost uninterrupted line of beautiful beaches, whether you seek for a perfect place to surf, dive, sail or to simply enjoy the day of leisure by the sea. Most of the popular bathing resorts are awarded with the Blue Flag and are offering a number of services and activities.

Zadar‘s surroundings are as rich and interesting as the city itself. There are five national parks such as Paklenica, Plitivce or Kornati in close proximity to Zadar. It is the perfect opportunity to admire the rare and unseen beauties of the untouched nature. The archipelago of Zadar is a phenomenon itself. Consisted of 365 islands, it offers an amazing variety of choices for further exploration of the Zadar area. Every island has its own unique story and its own set of wonders waiting to be discovered and admired.

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