Novigrad - A Hidden Gem of The Novigrad Sea

'Dalmatian fisherman village of Novigrad aerial view, Croatia' - Zadar
'Dalmatian fisherman village of Novigrad aerial view, Croatia' xbrchx / Shutterstock

Novigrad is a small fishermen’s and tourist settlement often considered one of the most romantic resorts on the Adriatic coast. Hidden deep inside the Novigrad Sea, one of the most indented bays in Croatia, this picturesque settlement with narrow, stone covered streets, typical Dalmatian houses and a lovely port waits to be discovered. In Novigrad you can relax among the untouched natural beauties, enjoy the specialties of the local cuisine and all the usual summer activities by the sea. You will come across warm hospitality of the locals everywhere you go.

Novigrad is very easy to reach; it is situated very near the Zagreb-Split (A1) speedway entrance. If you are traveling by plane, Zadar airport is just 20 km away. Once you arrive it is easy to find accommodation in one of numerous private apartments, leisure houses or rooms. There is also a three star tourist complex, Castrum Novum, and an auto camp.

The city’s medieval core is preserved until the present day. It used to be surrounded by the strong fortification walls with several forts built in the late medieval period to fight off Turkish invasions. The city gained its name by the ancient Roman fort, Castrum Novum, today also known as Fortica. Explore the local churches, some of them built in the earliest medieval times (Sv. Martin, Sv. Mihovil).

Novigrad has two pebble covered public beaches with gradual entry into the sea. But, there are numerous isolated coves if you seek some privacy and wish to run away from the tourist crowds. Nearby settlement Pridraga is an excellent choice for bathing if you are vacationing with children; there are numerous sand covered beaches ideal for playing in the shallow water.

The River Zrmanja flows into the Novigrad Sea and is responsible for its exceptional richness of fish and seafood. The Novigrad gastronomy is therefore based primarily on fish specialties. It is inevitable that you try some of the famous local dishes with mussels prepared with special care. Enjoy in the pleasant ambiance of the typically Dalmatian taverns and finish the meal with a glass of an excellent local wine.

The Novigrad Culture Summer is a central summer event consisted of numerous manifestations, including dancing parties under the starry sky, jazz evenings, sports competitions, exhibitions and many more. And if you are looking for a more dynamic kind of night time fun with refreshing beverages and modern dancing rhythms, visit the local cocktail bar Isolee and dance the night away.

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