Biograd na Moru - The Royal City

Biograd na Moru
'Aerial view of small town  on Adriatic coast, Biograd na moru, Croatia' - Zadar
'Aerial view of small town on Adriatic coast, Biograd na moru, Croatia' OPIS Zagreb / Shutterstock

Biograd na moru is a lovely maritime city occupying a small peninsula 27 km south of Zadar. It is situated on the most indented part of the Adriatic coast and surrounded by three national parks (Paklenica, Kornati, Krka). Unseen natural beauties, the rich cultural and historical heritage along with diverse tourist offer classify Biograd as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Croatia.

Situated on the main Adriatic road, halfway between Zadar and Sibenik, Biograd is very easy to reach no matter how you are travelling. It is even easier to find comfortable and satisfying accommodation, since there are numerous hotels, tourist settlements and camps in the wider city area. The majority of Biograd hotels are four star resorts, such as Adriatic, Ilirija or Kornati. If you prefer a more domestic and intimate atmosphere, choose among practically countless private accommodation options; from simple rooms to luxurious leisure houses.

Due to its favorable geographic position, Biograd is among the most popular destinations of yachtsmen from all over the world. Its well-indented coast with numerous hidden coves, modern and impeccably equipped marinas and the nearness of the Kornati archipelago are the main reasons why the number of sailing lovers visiting Biograd increases every year.

As other resorts of the Zadar Riviera, Biograd is blessed with impeccably clear blue sea, wonderful and diverse beaches with rich tourist services and additional activities to enjoy. Most visited is the main city beach, Drazica, covered in fine pebble and sand. It is a Blue Flag resort, with numerous attractions: cocktail bars, water sports, big water slide, sea water pool, sports terrains, children’s playground, etc. And if you want to spend a more peaceful day at the beach, be sure to visit the beautiful bay Soline or Crvena Luka, one of the most beautiful sand covered beaches in Dalmatia.

In case you ever get tired of sunbathing and swimming, you can explore the rich cultural heritage and historical monuments of the city. Biograd is an ancient city of the Croatian kings where the coronation ceremonials took place in the early medieval times. There are numerous preserved remains from the ancient Roman period, such as villae rusticae and the Roman aqueduct; medieval and baroque churches (St. John, St. Anastasia, etc).

Just several kilometers north of Biograd na moru is an amazing natural reserve, the Vrana Lake. It is the biggest natural lake in Croatia and an important destination for bird lovers from all over the globe. Over 250 species of wetland birds nest on these areas; it is why the Vrana Lake has been included on the list of Important Bird Areas in Europe. It is also an excellent short trip destination for cycling lovers; it is surrounded by the 40 km long cycling track; and due to the richness of fish species, it is a perfect opportunity to try sport fishing.

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