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The Islands of Zadar
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The archipelago of Zadar is a unique phenomenon where a huge group of islands is situated in a relatively small space, the waters of Northern Dalmatia. This amazing island group has one island for every day of the year; 365 of them in total. The majority of islands are uninhabited; but every single one of them is a unique space with its own secrets, beauties and legends.

With their numerous hidden coves, untouched beaches and protected natural harbors, the islands of Zadar are true paradise for every sailing lover. Uninhabited areas with virgin natural surroundings and the absence of modern life distractions offer perfect conditions for the Robinson Tourism. And if you still prefer tourist settlements with all their comforts and services, visit one of many island settlements and enjoy your unforgettable vacation.

Kornati Islands

The most popular destination of the Zadar Archipelago are the Kornati Islands. Due to their incredible natural beauties, well indented coastline, magnificent cliffs and richness of animal species; this group of 89 islands is protected as a national park. Kornati Islands are the perfect destination for sailing lovers who need to pay the ticket in order to sail through the area. Accommodation is provided in numerous private objects on bigger islands of the group.

The Island of Ugljan

The Island of Ugljan stretches along the Zadar coastline, just a few miles away from the city, with which it is connected through regular ferry lines. Ugljan’s settlements are among the popular tourist destinations of the Zadar Riviera. Kali is the biggest settlement of the island, Kukljica is a safe natural harbor ideal for yachts and sailboats, while Preko is famous for its beautiful sand covered beach Jaz awarded with the Blue Flag. Ugljan is also famous for its high quality olive oil and the best fishermen of the Adriatic.

Molat Island

Molat is among the biggest inhabited islands of the Zadar Archipelago. It has two boat terminals and numerous natural safe harbors ideal for sailing lovers. The most interesting sight of Molat is its enormous library with over 6600 books and more members than there are inhabitants on the island. It is opened for visitors at any time of day or night and books can be borrowed free of charge.

Silba Island

Silba is a beautiful island where you can enjoy true peacefulness of the untouched nature. There are no cars or motorcycles on the island, and it is rare to see even a bicycle. The island is free of poisonous animals or plants and has a rich sacral architecture with its six renaissance and baroque churches.

The Island of Ist

The Island of Ist is another perfect destination for your peaceful vacation away from the tourist crowds. It is ideal for recreational fishing and diving due to particular richness of fish and underwater life in the surrounding waters.

The Island of Iz

The Island of Iz is connected with Zadar through regular ferry lines. Its main settlement, Veli Iz, is famous for its well preserved historical old town with numerous Romanesque buildings. The island is popular for its cheerful fishermen’s festival with lots of great food, wine, music and dance until the early morning hours.

The island of Vir

The island of Vir is connected by bridge with the mainland. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Zadar area. With its numerous cycling trails, it is perfect for mountain biking lovers; while several safe bays will provide ideal anchorage for sailors.

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