Flights to Zadar

'Zadar rooftops aerial city view, Dalmatia, Croatia' - Zadar
'Zadar rooftops aerial city view, Dalmatia, Croatia' xbrchx / Shutterstock

Zadar airport is among the busiest and the most successful ones in Croatia. It is well connected with important Croatian and European destinations and is an important link between Northern Dalmatia and the rest of the world.

The local carrier, Croatia Airlines, provides regular flights towards other Croatian cities, Zagreb and Pula; connecting Zadar with Istria and the capital of Croatia. It also provides flights towards some of the European destinations such as Munich and Frankfurt.

Several international air carriers are ensuring regular direct flights between various European capitals and Zadar throughout the year. For instance, airlines such as Lufthansa connect Zadar with German destinations (Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf), Danube Wings provides flights to and from Bratislava, while InterSky flies towards Swiss destinations.

Two popular European low cost carriers, RyanAir and GermanWings, provide direct flights to Zadar. RyanAir connects Zadar not only with Ireland and United Kingdom, but also with numerous other European destinations such as Marseille, Frankfurt or Stockholm. For example, if you organize your trip early enough, you can book direct flight from Paris towards Zadar with RyanAir for as little as 20 Euros in one direction.

If you manage to catch a direct flight, most of the European destinations are only a few hours away from Zadar. For example, if you are arriving from Scandinavian region, you will fly approximately three hours; the direct flight from Oslo lasts two hours and fifty minutes. Those are the farthest available destinations directly reachable from the Zadar airport. If you fly from the UK or Ireland, you will travel a little less than two hours and most of the Northern and Central European destinations are between one and two hours flight away from Zadar.

Zadar airport is situated 8 km east from the city of Zadar; in a small settlement Zemunik Donji. It is well connected with the city through regular bus lines. The local bus carrier, Liburnija d.o.o., provides transportation to and from the airport. The bus fare is approximately 3,5 Euros. There are several taxi services available to drive to and from the airport. Taxi fares range between 15 and 30 Euros depending on the provider and your final destination. The airport is in the immediate proximity to the speedway Zagreb-Split.

Zadar Airport has the G&B Aviation Terminal building for business aviation. It is the only such terminal in Croatia, providing passengers and the plane crew with luxurious venues for relaxation and refreshment designed according to the latest modern standards.