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'Pag, landscapes in Croatia' - Zadar
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The Island of Pag is the fifth biggest island in Croatia. It has the longest coastline of all Adriatic islands, indented with numerous bays, capes and beaches. Due to its unique vegetation with practically no trees; Pag remarkably resembles the surface of the Moon. Numerous settlements honor their tradition through gastronomy, sights and souvenirs; at the same time providing diversity of modern tourist services: excellent accommodation, a wide range of recreational options and incredibly rich nightlife. That approach of combining traditional values with modern touristic standards places Pag among the most desirable vacation destinations in Europe.

The island is very well connected with the mainland; ferry and fast boat lines are available 24 hours a day throughout the summer season. A bridge connects southern parts of the island with the Zadar area and enables the visitors to easily reach Pag by car.

As a modern tourist resort, Pag offers a variety of accommodation options. Private apartments, leisure houses or rooms scattered across the island’s many settlements are the most popular choice. Local hotels are ranging from two to four star resorts; the majority of them situated in Pag or Novalja. There are two tourist settlements in Novalja and two auto camps.

The amazing Pag Lace is among the most recognizable trademarks of Pag. This handcraft of unearthly beauty reflects long tradition preserved among the older ladies who strive to transfer their skill to the younger generations and keep the trade secrets alive for the future.

Pag has its own unexplained phenomenon, the Pag Triangle. It is an unusual triangular print in stone. Geological examinations have confirmed that the stones inside of the triangle have been subjected to extremely intense thermal treatment in the past. This phenomenon attracts thousands of visitors from around the globe.

The Island of Pag is valued for its beautiful beaches with impeccably pure and clear sea. Many of the bathing resorts have been awarded with the Blue Flag, an international certificate of quality. Some of the most beautiful and regularly visited beaches are covered with sand, such as beaches in Caska or in Simuni.

If you like to remain active on your vacation, there are plenty of recreational activities to choose from. Extremely well indented coastline of the island provides numerous safe harbors for sailing lovers. The most popular and one of the most beautiful marinas of the Adriatic is situated in Simuni settlement. The entire island is intersected with numerous cycling and trekking paths, while the rich underwater world with interesting archaeological findings (ancient vessels, amphorae) provides never-ending fun for divers.

Probably the most popular venue of Pag is Zrce, a beautiful pebbly beach few kilometers away from Novalja. It is a popular party resort for young tourists with numerous cocktail bars and several major nightclubs (Aquarius, Papaya, Calipso) hosting some the biggest names of the electronic music scene.

The gastronomy of Pag is based on typical Dalmatian simplicity of preparation with lots of olive oil, fish and seafood that you can try in one of numerous local restaurants or taverns. The Pag cheese is a trademark delicacy of the island. Made from milk of sheep fed on aromatic herbs touched by salty winds, it is considered to be the best Croatian cheese with many local and international awards for quality.

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