Dugi Otok - The Longest Island of The Adriatic

Dugi Otok
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Dugi Otok (The Long Island) is a place of opposites; at the same time it is an oasis of relaxation and peacefulness with its picturesque settlements and beautiful beaches; but also the magnificent and unrestrained natural piece of art with its steep cliffs and lush vegetation. As the name suggests, Dugi Otok is the longest island of the Adriatic (45 km) and among the biggest ones. The tourist offer is immensely rich; from amazing natural beauties, numerous recreational activities, events, services and accommodation options; it is the place for a truly perfect summer vacation.

Dugi Otok is connected with the mainland through regular ferry lines. All 12 settlements of the island are connected with roads. As a true tourist destination, Dugi Otok offers various accommodation options depending on your preferences. You can stay in one of several hotels scattered across the island; they are all three star resorts; or you can choose among numerous private accommodations: leisure houses, apartments or rooms. And for adventurous visitors who enjoy being in touch with nature, there is a newly opened auto camp Kargita.

Dugi Otok has been inhabited since the dawn of humanity; there are archaeological findings from the Stone Age with the oldest human remains ever found on the Dalmatian territory. If you are interested to learn more about the cultural heritage of the island, you can go sightseeing and admire the remains of Illyrian settlements, ancient sarcophagi, early Christian churches and baroque palaces.

Perhaps the most attractive sight of Dugi Otok is Telascica, the protected nature park. Occupying the southeastern shores of the island, it is famous for three phenomena. Telascica Bay is one of the biggest and safest natural harbors of the Adriatic. Stretching across 69 km of shoreline, it includes six smaller islands and 25 coves suitable for anchoring. Almost 200 m high cliff “Stene” is a magnificent sight serving as nesting area for endangered birds of prey. The nearby area is occupied by the salty lake “Mir” with healing properties.

The entire shoreline of Dugi Otok is covered with heavenly beautiful beaches untouched by the human hand while still providing everything you need to enjoy your time there. With no exception, the sea is impeccably pure and crystal clear. Deservedly the most popular beach of the island is Sakarun. Situated in a well protected bay on the northwestern shores of Dugi Otok, if offers a sight of heaven on earth: pearly white sand and impossibly clear azure sea surrounded by the most welcomed shade of the fragrant pine woods. Shallow waters of the 800 m long shoreline are suitable for small children, at the same time providing safe anchoring.

Veli Rat Lighthouse situated on the northwestern cape of the island is among the most recognizable sights of Dugi Otok. Built in the 19th century and 42 m tall, it is the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic. Due to presence of the adjacent chapel, it is becoming a popular venue for romantic weddings.

Apart from sunbathing and swimming, you can enjoy additional recreational activities, such as trekking, mountain biking, paintball, hiking, climbing, diving, fishing or hunting. Every settlement of the island organizes summer festivities with live music and traditional specialties to honor their patron saint.

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