Pasman - An Oasis for a Peaceful Vacation

'View from the top od the mountain, Pasman island, Croatia' - Zadar
'View from the top od the mountain, Pasman island, Croatia' Milosz_M / Shutterstock

The Island of Pasman is among the biggest Croatian islands situated between Biograd na moru and Zadar. Due to its nearness to the mainland, it has always been a beloved weekend destination of the Zadar area residents. But, Pasman is popular among tourists as well, especially if they seek refuge from the city noise and crowded tourist resorts. Numerous quiet fishermen’s settlements of Pasman will provide just the kind of peace you need to relax and recharge.

Pasman is very close to the mainland, separated from it by a narrow, 2 km wide channel. Therefore it has a very good traffic connection with the surrounding cities and islands. Regular ferry lines sail between Pasman and Zadar or Biograd throughout the year. The northern part of Pasman is connected with the island of Ugljan by a bridge over a small natural passage Zdrelac that divides the two islands.

The quiet peacefulness of Pasman is best seen in its accommodation options. You won’t find big and crowded hotels anywhere on the island, but their absence isn't going to affect your comfort in any way. You can stay in one of private apartments, leisure houses or rooms and enjoy the warm and sincere welcome of your hosts. And for those preferring to be in touch with the nature during their vacation, there are two auto camps on the island: camp Sovinje for naturists and Lucina camp.

Due to the intensive sea currents around the island, Pasman is considered to have the purest sea on the Adriatic. Every settlement has its own set of beautiful beaches, the majority of them covered with fine pebble or sand. The beaches are protected by the fragrant pine shade with gradual and easy access to the sea, which makes them very suitable for families with small children.

If you want to, you can fulfill your time with other activities apart from swimming and sunbathing. Beaches of Pasman are offering a wide range of water activities and provide you with necessary equipment for a small fee: paddling, pedal boats, windsurfing, diving etc. Numerous protected bays around the island’s well indented shoreline provide safe harbors for sailing lovers. There are organized anchorages in Soline, Sv. Ante and Zdrelac bays. The island is intersected with several challenging mountain bike and trekking trails worth trying. That is also an excellent opportunity to explore the island and admire its untouched natural beauties and breathtaking sights of the Zadar Archipelago.

Pasman has, similar to other Dalmatian islands, a long and rich history. Is has been inhabited since the prehistoric times. There is a continuous trail of historic events and past cultures seen in numerous preserved monuments; from Illyrian forts, ancient Roman baths to medieval churches and statues. It is interesting to visit the Franciscan monastery of St. Duje from the 14th century and the Benedictine monastery built in Romanesque and Gothic style from the 12th century.

Your stay on the Island of Pasman wouldn't be complete if you skipped the gastronomy. Visit one of the local restaurants or taverns and try some of the traditional fish and seafood specialties with lots of olive oil and Mediterranean herbs, accompanied by simply prepared vegetable dishes. Complete your satisfying meal with a glass of quality wine from the island’s vineyards.

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