Nightlife in Zadar

'Zadar rooftops aerial city view, Dalmatia, Croatia' - Zadar
'Zadar rooftops aerial city view, Dalmatia, Croatia' xbrchx / Shutterstock

Not only is Zadar blessed with amazingly beautiful coastline and a diversity of beaches and summer activities; the fun and relaxation continues even after dark. As the tourist center of its region and one of the most desirable summer destinations on the Adriatic, Zadar offers numerous possibilities for fun and memorable nightlife experience and manages to satisfy the preferences of all its guests. The city and its surroundings are rich with nightclubs, concert venues, galleries and bars where even the pickiest of tourists will find their ideal night time fun.

The old city center with its numerous monuments and sights is an excellent and also inevitable starting point of your night out in Zadar. In late afternoon hours, when the sun prepares to set and the daytime swelter is replaced by the pleasant evening breeze, the city shows its true colors. The Sea Organ with the Greeting to the Sun are among the most popular meeting places of the city youth. The streets and squares are flooded with people. Street merchants will stop you at every corner politely offering their unique, hand made souvenirs; inviting aromas from the nearby restaurants and fast foods will distract your senses while the numerous street art performers will capture your attention during your stroll down the ancient city streets and even cause a spontaneous dance outburst.

There are numerous local and international cultural events taking place in Zadar during summer. Zadar Summer Theater Festival takes place every July on various city squares and open air venues. Zadar Snova, the international festival of contemporary theater is a true delight for modern, unconventional theater lovers. And if you enjoy movies, you won’t be bored in Zadar either. Avvantura Festival takes place in the historical center of Zadar with numerous film projections and famous visitors.

And if you prefer to spend your summer nights dancing in good company, Zadar is just the right place for you. Choose from a variety of nightclubs, cocktail and beach bars or concert venues; there is something for everyone, regardless of your taste in music, style or nationality. One of the most popular nightclubs in Zadar is Hitch, named after the famous Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock and glamorously decorated in black and white tones. You can enjoy numerous party and concert events throughout the summer season there. Q Bar, situated at the seashore, offers a wide range of entertainment possibilities; from rock concerts to Brazilian music, theme parties and dance events. And if you prefer a typical America bar atmosphere and the 80s rock music, visit Billiard Club Borik and enjoy their rich selection of quality beers and whiskeys. Be sure to visit Garden, a nightclub and lounge bar in the beautiful gardens at the city walls and enjoy the romantic atmosphere, masterfully prepared cocktails and hot dancing rhythms.

If you would rather spend a more relaxed night out, you can visit Cinestar, the city’s only multiplex, and enjoy some of the recent movie hits.